12 May 2010

Alright, now I'm just making shit up.   Going to try and make some raspberry mead.  I've had some at the Renaissance Festival but I really don't know how many raspberries to add so, I'm going to wing it.  Here are the ingredients I used:

1 Gal. Spring Water
3 lbs Wild Mountain Brand Honey
12 oz Raspberries
25 Raisins
Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast, 1/4 oz Envelope
1 Campden Tablet
1/2 Tsp Yeast Energizer


A better shot of the honey I used:


The usual process:

1. I put the honey in a bath of warm water to soften it up.
2. I poured half of the spring water into another, almost empty, spring water container I had.
3. Washed the raspberries in tap water.
4. Put the raspberries in a plastic baggie and mildly squished them to release the juices.
5  Using a funnel I added the crushed raspberries to the jug.
6. Added 25 - 30 raisins.  Again, the raisins are yeast food and not for flavor.
7. I took the 3 lbs of honey out of the sink and poured it into the jug. 
8. I added a little spring water to the honey bottles and shook them to get the last bit of honey dissolved, and poured it into the jug. 
9. I put the cap on the jug and shook it for a couple minutes to mix ingredients.
10. I crushed up one Campden tablet and added it to the jug.  The Campden is supposed to kill bacteria and wild yeasts.
11. Then I shook it some more to mix in the Campden powder. 
12. With the addition of the Campden I need to let the mixture sit for 24 hours while it sanitized the liquid.  If I added the yeast now the Campden would kill it, too.

Another batch of flavored honey water. Tomorrow I'll add the yeast and top it off with a balloon.

Done with must

Note: if you don’t use/have a Campden tablet you will need to clean everything best you can.  I would as a minimum rinse the raspberries and raisins and sanitize any utensils you use.  I think this recipe is pretty forgiving and you should be fine, just be aware and keep the area clean. 

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13 May 2010

After waiting about 24 hours it is once again time to pitch some yeast.  So, following the instructions on the yeast packet, I warmed a few ounces of water to between 100 and 110*.  This wasn’t exact because I still don’t have the proper thermometer for the job (I'm going to get one today, damn it!).  I added the yeast to the water and let it sit.


While waiting for the yeast to come alive I added about a quarter teaspoon of yeast energizer to the jug and shook it up.  About half way through waiting for the yeast to come alive I stirred it up a bit because it didn't look like it was doing anything.  After the 10 minute wait it looked like this.

Yeast alive

Except not as blurry.  It didn't seem to be bubbling as much as the other 2 types of yeast I've used but it was doing something - so I pitched it in the must.  I shook the jug for a few minutes and put a balloon on it.  Finished it off by running around looking for a pin again and poking some holes in the balloon.

Look, it’s another jug with a balloon on it.

Jug with balloon

I only had an hour before going to work but when I checked it before leaving the must was doing - absolutly nothing.  We'll see what it's doing tomorrow.

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14 May 2010

What was I worried about? I came home and it had some nice healthy bubbling action going on.

Inflated balloon

One thing I noticed right away is the fine grain of the raspberries seem to float higher than the oranges. I'm wondering if I added too many raspberries? Time will tell.


Here's the raspberry next to the almost done fermenting orange.

Raspberry and orange

I hope I have as much fun drinking it as I do making it, or I'm in trouble. Anybody have the number for Mead Brewers Anonymous?

All mead

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4 June 2010

I racked this bad boy to a glass jug about a week ago.  All I've got to say is, man this thing is red!    The balloon has been limp since a couple days after I racked it.  I'll probably rack it one more time and let it sit before bottling.

Here are a couple pics:


And sitting next to the orange mead, which is about a month older.

Raspberry and orange

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11 August 2010

I finally bottled the raspberry mead.  It looks a little dark, but it is nice and clear.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what it tastes like.  I also transfered some of the original wildflower mead from gallon jugs to bottles since I was running out.

Here's the raspberry next to the plain wildflower mead.

Wildflower and Raspberry

Here's the whole batch I did today - 14 bottles. That should last a few weeks.


I also bought some tags so I could keep track of what's what.

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