Titan II Missile Sites

Ever since I visited my first abandoned missile site (571-4) I've wanted to see them all.  What follows is a pictorial account of my visits to each site. 

There are other web sites that have gone into great detail as to the purpose and history of these sites and I've listed a few at the bottom of the page.  I'm just going to give you a quick overview of the Davis-Monthan AFB sites, then a typical Titan II site layout so you know what you are looking at in the pictures.  For the best understanding check out 571-7 first, that is the site of the Titan II Missile Museum.

Titan II Organization

There were two Titan II missile squadrons attached to Davis-Monthan AFB; the570th Strategic Missile Squadron (SMS) and 571st SMS.  Both of these squadrons were grouped under the 390th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW) also at Davis-Monthan AFB.  The 570th was deployed mainly to the north and west of Tucson and the 571st was mainly deployed to the south and east.  All sites were finished and "On Alert" in 1963, and were deactivated between 1982 and 1984.  Each squadron was responsible for 9 sites making a total of 18 sites in the area.  The sites were separated by a minimum of 7 miles, which means there is a lot of driving involved to visit each site.

Site Configuration

This is the typical site configuration underground. It is comprised of the Access Portal/Blast Lock, Control Center, Launch Silo, and a Cable Way that connects it all.  The Cable Way was 250' long and connected the Launch Silo to the Control Center.  The Blast Lock was situated very near the Control Center.

Site Config, Underground

Site Schem, Underground

Above ground the site was mostly flat.  Most of what can be seen today at the sites are the Access Portal, Antenna Silos, and Hardstands.  All the Launch Silos have been destroyed using explosives and covered over. 

Top Side Diagram

Site 571-5 during construction in early 1962 - looking ESE.

Site 571-5

Site 570-9 looking SSW.  Present day site of a church.

Site 570-9

Site Photos

The list of sites and general location. It's best to start with the 571 SMS Site 7 photos. That is the present day Titan II Missile Museum and gives a good explanation of what you are looking at at the abandoned sites.

570 SMS

Site Number    Location
Site 1             Oracle
Site 2             Three Points
Site 3             Rillito
Site 4             Rillito
Site 5             Rillito
Site 6             Rillito
Site 7             Oracle Junction
Site 8             Oracle Junction
Site 9             Oracle Junction

571 SMS

Site 1             Benson
Site 2             Benson
Site 3             Mescal
Site 4             Pantano
Site 5             Continental
Site 6             Amado
Site 7             Green Valley (Titan II Missile Museum)
Site 8             Palo Alto
Site 9             Three Points

NOTE: Most, if not all, of these sites are owned by someone, whether it be private ownership or by the county. In fact some sites have homes on them and shouldn’t be visited at all. For the others, treat them with the utmost respect, take nothing, and leave nothing behind. Also, be aware, some of the land owners are less than happy having people visit their site uninvited. Enter at your own risk; there could be trespassing charges in your future.


The best place to find out about the history of the Titan II is the Missile Museum in Green Valley, AZ.

Some on line sites are: