Why BornTourist

Someone once asked me why I named my site BornTourist.  Why not something dealing with wheeling or Jeeps since that is what most of my site is about?  After all, it was pointed out, I’m not the best or most traveled tourist there is.  

True enough, most of the site is dedicated to wheeling.  However, I didn’t want the site to be solely about wheeling or Jeeps.  I wanted a place I could post all kinds of different pictures from different places and even different times.  It wouldn’t seem right to post pictures of a trip taken in a Toyota Corolla to Lego Land in a wheeling oriented site.

It’s also true I’m not the best or most traveled tourist, but then again, the name isn’t BestTourist or Most Traveled Tourist.  I do believe I do qualify as a born tourist, though.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, there are probably millions of us out there.  Lucky me, I thought to start a web site with that name first. :^)

Not that any of this really matters, I could have named my site Psychedelic Cereal Ring if I wanted to and populated it with pictures of my daily bellybutton lint collection.  Hell, I bet the site would be more popular if I did. Tongue Out  But what qualifies me as a born tourist?  I’m not sure what would qualify anyone as a born tourist.  Maybe instead of someone’s parents taking them home from the hospital they went to visit the largest ball of mud in North America first?  Maybe gypsies could be considered born tourists?  How about if you visited a lot of different places when you were young and continue to explore when you’re older?  I think I would fall into the last group.  

I don’t know how many places I’ve been or things I’ve seen but a short list, in no particular order, would look something like this; Redwood Forest, Mt Rushmore, Kennedy Space Center, Meteor Crater, Yellowstone, Golden Gate Bridge, World Trade Center, Philippines, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Great Salt Lake, The Thing, Fort Hamilton Bermuda, Kitt Peak, Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, California beaches, Florida beaches, gulf coast beaches, Hawaiian beaches, Bermuda beaches, North Sea, Disney World, geographic center of North America, International Peace Gardens, Rome, Paris, Pisa, Okinawa, Diamond Head, Berlin, Yosemite, Rhine Falls, dozens of castles and historic churches, the Alps, Gateway to the West, Florence, Oktoberfest, dozen other fests, Mardi Gras, don’t know how many zoos and aquariums, Pompeii, Amsterdam, Isle of Capri, Stennis Space Center, Ocmulgee National Monument, Cahokia Mounds, Odessa Meteor Crater, Walnut Canyon, Venice, Sunset Crater, and I’ll quit at around 50 since I’m 50 years old.  There are many more.  I didn’t mention any that are currently posted on the site and I didn’t mention any wheeling trips.  And yes, most of my wheeling trips have a cookie at the end in the form of a ghost town, mine site, or other historical interest.  Rarely do I go wheeling just to challenge myself or my equipment.

So, best tourist or most traveled tourist?  Probably not.  BornTourist?  I think so.